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Hemideina Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Liz Williams

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Hemideina believes everyone should enjoy the gift of hearing and live a life without limits. Hemideina is an early stage company, focussed on re-inventing the cochlear implant to provide a fully internalised system, that removes the lifestyle restrictions of the current technology. Only 2% of the world's profoundly deaf people have been treated with the cochlear implant. Our 2-component system aims to be a cost effective treatment for profound deafness, making it accessible to all.

Hemideina's proprietary technology enables us to control a sound wave in a really small space, allowing sound waves to be transmitted and dampened. So while we're currently focussed on the cochlear implant, we plan to provide a full range of hearing devices through our platform technology. Hemideina's mission is to make waves in sound.


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