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Prota Therapeutics Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Prof. Mimi Tang

Position: Acting CEO, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Prota Therapeutics Pty Ltd (ACN 614 991 356) is an Australian private start up company, formed to develop and commercialise novel probiotic oral immunotherapy allergy treatments developed by Prof Mimi Tang, at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne.

The oral immunotherapy treatment is a world-first approach aimed at treating a range of food allergies. The lead product is for the treatment of life threatening peanut allergy, a leading cause of death from food allergies.

Treatment involves a proprietary combination of a probiotic and peanut flour preparations containing increasing amounts of peanut proteins administered daily, for the 18 months current treatment duration. The probiotic may act as a bacterial adjuvant to modify the immune response to peanut allergens, switching off or reducing the severity of the potentially deadly immune reaction.

It is hoped that this re-programming of the immune response to peanut allergens could lead to a long-lasting ability for peanut allergy sufferers to tolerate peanut as part of a regular diet.

As the first appointment for the company, the founding CEO will drive the development and commercialization of Prota’s allergy products, by building a strong team through internal hires and leveraging skills from a network of experienced advisors and consultants.

The near to mid-term focus is to accelerate the clinical trial program, develop scaled up cGMP product manufacturing processes and prepare for discussions with regulatory agencies.

The long-term goal is to ultimately achieve global commercialisation, to make these potentially life-saving products available to allergy sufferers, while realizing a return on the capital investment.


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