Medtech Manufacturing Series


Medtech Manufacturing Series

In partnership with the Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre (AMMC), BioMelbourne Network is excited to deliver a six-part seminar series for the Victorian medtech manufacturing sector.

Victorian medtech manufacturers produce cutting-edge, high-quality products and have the capability and ambition to scale, backed by a strong R&D ecosystem. Through a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions and networking functions, the series will showcase local success stories, highlight the capabilities of Victoria-based manufacturers and explore the impact on the local economy.

By providing access to industry experts, networks, and resources, the series aims to strengthen the growth and development of the local medtech sector, helping to bring new innovations to market and drive the future economic growth of Victoria.

Explore Seminar One – Leaders at the Forefront: Charting the Course for Victorian Medtech Manufacturing

As a professional in the medical technology sector, you are aware of the importance of staying ahead of the curve and exploring new opportunities for growth and development.Join us on Tuesday 28 March for an engaging networking event exploring the Victorian manufacturing landscape and sovereign capability in the sector.Our leading industry experts will showcase Australian manufacturing capabilities and talent, and delve into the future of Victorian manufacturing and its impact on the local economy. The event will provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and engage in lively discussions on the current state and future direction of medtech manufacturing within the industry.

Explore Seminar Two – Supplying to Health: The Changing Nature of Health Procurement in Victoria

Local procurement has long been a subject of interest to the Healthtech Industry in Victoria. The event is designed to engage with industry and government about the key drivers and barriers to increased local procurement. The reasons for local procurement may be driven by increased bio-security, improved economic development, maintenance and improvement of our manufacturing skills and capabilities and support for start-ups to secure local sales in the early stages of their commercialisation journey.Join thought leaders and experts as they explore what can be done to strengthen local procurement related to healthtech, what is the status quo, what is needed and how do we get there.This event will provide insights into local health procurement policy and future needs of the healthcare system. Our expert panel will discuss opportunities for local suppliers in the health system including around sustainability and supply chain resilience. Key topics include access to information, regulatory compliance, cost considerations, and capacity constraints. Participants will gain practical strategies for navigating these barriers and learn about successful case studies of companies that have developed innovative solutions to address health system challenges.This event will inspire health technology companies to develop market ready solutions, promote networking with potential partners, and provide insights into how to navigate health procurement complexities while providing benefits for the organisation and the economy in a sustainable manner.

Explore Seminar Three – Scaling Medtech: Empowering Prototypes for Manufacturing Readiness

Join us for a primer on medtech prototyping and product development, from design to working models and large-scale manufacturing. Learn about the Victorian ecosystem, options for prototyping, local business models and how new infrastructure and services can help you achieve manufacturing readiness. Be informed about:

  • Prototype manufacturing infrastructure – Facilities and services available and other considerations
  • Product development – Designing products for ease of manufacturing, compliance and supply chain development (parts, production and transport)
  • Local manufacturing – Benefits, manufacturing readiness and transitioning from prototype to
    large-scale production
  • Accelerator and incubator support – Accessing mentorship, resources and networks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders, exchange ideas and explore strategies for prototyping, scaling and manufacturing readiness.

Explore Seminar Four – Exploring Value-Based Models in Healthcare

Join us for a discussion about value-based healthcare. Explore how this care delivery model can improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiencies, the role of value-based procurement and the implications for the Australian medtech manufacturing sector. Be informed about

  • Value-based healthcare – The what, why, who and when
  • Value-based procurement – Improving patient outcomes and the bottom line
  • International perspectives – Implementation outcomes
  • Making it happen here – Partnerships, funding and risk sharing.

Explore Seminar Five – Innovations in Cardiovascular Health: Bridging Technology and Care

Join us for an exciting discussion about accelerating cardiovascular medical technology innovation, manufacturing advancements and how innovators are changing the landscape of healthcare. Hear how cardiologists and product designers are working with the Victorian Heart Hospital, researchers, patients and medtech manufacturers to connect the ecosystem and improve heart health care.

Explore Seminar Six – Medtech Manufacturing Series Wrap-Up: Shaping the Future

Join us for the grand finale of the Medtech Manufacturing Series, a dynamic conversation about sovereign manufacturing, innovation trends now, in the next five to ten years, and the long-term consequences for our sector. Discover what success looks like for start-ups engaging in this space, how AI and machine learning are impacting productivity and the workforce, and opportunities for global companies to manufacture here. Our speakers will also discuss partnerships and advocating for the sector’s growth and sustainability.


This seminar series is delivered in partnership with AMMC

– an initiative of the Victorian Government




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