Living with COVID-19 – an assessment of the pandemic’s ongoing impact on Australian Healthcare (IQVIA)

Date posted 1 September 2020

IQVIA ANZ business has just released; Living with COVID-19 – an assessment of the pandemic’s ongoing impact on Australian Healthcare. This is the second in a special series of reports, which offer IQVIA’s perspective on the impact of the pandemic in Australia and the consequences for the healthcare system.

The second paper provides a longitudinal update on the impact of COVID-19, six months since the start of the pandemic. The analysis and perspectives leverage IQVIA data assets and analytic expertise, as well as primary research with healthcare professionals and industry experts, to offer a detailed focus on:

  • Demand for prescription medicines and the impact on critical therapeutic areas: evolution in overall demand since the start of the pandemic and the broader effects of COVID-19 on treatment for specific therapy areas including mental health, cancer and respiratory.
  • Consumption of non-prescription health products: shifts in consumer purchasing behaviour since the peak in demand in March, trends in export sales and the shift towards online purchasing.
  • Impact on pharmaceutical promotional deployment: the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and the role of remote detailing technologies.
  • Outlook for clinical development: an update on clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, the wider impacts for clinical research operations including the shift towards virtual trial solutions, and the growing role for real-world data in evidence generation.

Access the complete white paper.

Access the first white paper in the series; Navigating COVID 19 Impact: An Initial Assessment of the Pandemic’s effect on Australian healthcare, here.


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