LBT Innovations Receives 2017 SA Science Excellence Award for Collaboration

LBT Innovations Ltd (LBT) has been awarded the 2017 SA Science Excellence Award for “Excellence in Research Collaboration”. The award recognises excellence in developing a world leading intelligent medical device in South Australia, and the collaboration between the University of Adelaide, Australian Centre for Visual Technologies and LBT Innovations Ltd.
The prestigious SA Science Excellence Awards showcase the critical importance of science and research to the development of industry in our society. Created by the Government of South Australia, Department of State Development, the awards celebrate those who have made a significant contribution in their field of research and continue to inspire future generations to become involved in science.

Since the inception of the awards in 2005, The Government of South Australia has recognised the efforts and achievements of more than 60 winners, many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields. The Science Excellence Awards are the most prestigious of their kind in the state and complement the national Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.
LBT Innovations CEO and Managing Director Brent Barnes says, “it’s fantastic to receive the acknowledgement of a successful research collaboration. Establishing an open innovation platform facilitates collaboration across multiple disciplines, starting with research to invent and create new technological capability. This, coupled with commercialisation partnerships are needed to ultimately ensure the final product generates returns for the company and our shareholders, which for LBT is critical.”
LBT has identified a significant unmet customer need within the clinical microbiology culture plate workflow, whereby manual processes were the norm, and specialist Microbiologists continue to be difficult to find. Through LBT’s collaboration with the world-class computer scientists at the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), LBT’s Automated Plate Assessment Systems (APAS®) was invented.

APAS® is a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology for the automated imaging, image analysis, interpretation and reporting of growth on microbiology culture plates after incubation. The APAS® independence improves the clinical efficiency of microbiology labs and enables faster diagnosis and reporting of infectious diseases.
The award was received at a Gala Dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Friday 11 July.

About LBT Innovations

LBT Innovations (LBT) improves patient outcomes by making healthcare more efficient. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the Company has two world class-leading products in microbiology automation: MicroStreak®, which provides automated culture plate streaking and Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS®). Based on LBT’s intelligent imaging and interpretative software, US FDA-cleared APAS® automates imaging, analysis and interpretation of culture plates following incubation. LBT has entered into a joint venture Clever Culture Systems AG (CCS) with Hettich Holding Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs-GmbH to commercialise APAS® products. LBT’s third product WoundVue® is in early development; this is a proposed automated solution to assist in the management of chronic wounds.

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