Kogan Online – Access to bulk products

16 April 2020

Kogan Online is an online retail department store with access to high volume stocks of various face masks and hand sanitiser products.

Under usual circumstances BioMelbourne Network would not promote products available from external companies. However, given the extraordinary circumstances, and in good faith, we are in this instance making the attached list available to those who may be seeking their resources.

This is an opportunity for businesses who are in need of bulk stocks (>5,000 units) of face masks and/or hand sanitiser. Certification standards have been included in the attached list, and orders are subject to availability and freight times.

If any organisations are interested in bulk orders of any items, they should contact Daniel Beahan directly. Please note that BioMelbourne Network cannot provide any assurances on any of these products or the company itself. We encourage you to do your own due diligence before proceeding with any requests.

Click here to view the product list and certification standards.

KOGAN Bulk Stocks


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