Immutep TACTI-mel patient recruitment completed, operational update & Canadian IMP731 patent

Immutep today reports in its operational update that the final patient in Part B of the ongoing TACTI-mel Phase I clinical trial in Australia has now been recruited and is receiving treatment. Patients will be treated for up to 12 months and safety assessment is the main objective of this study.

Additional operational updates:

  • Progress on Immutep’s TACTI-002 and AIPAC
  • GSK nominates ulcerative colitis as its lead indication for IMP731 (GSK2831781)
  • Novartis commences new Phase II trial for IMP701 (LAG525) in triple-negative breast cancer
  • EOC Pharma plans to commence its Phase I clinical trial of efti in China in metastatic breast cancer in September 2018

Furthermore, Immutep is pleased to announce the grant of Canadian patent no. 2,685,584 entitled “Cytotoxic anti-LAG-3 monoclonal antibody and its use in the treatment or prevention of organ transplant rejection and autoimmune disease.” The patent is directed to Immutep’s IMP731 antibody and provides broad protection for the antibody and use of the antibody for treating or preventing organ transplant rejection or treating a T-cell mediated autoimmune disease.


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