Have your say in defining national skills standards for pharmaceutical bioprocessing – national project identifying unique skills and standards

Define national skills standards for pharmaceutical bioprocessing

Pharmaceutical bioprocessing techniques are now making it possible to treat some illnesses where no other treatments were previously available. At present there are no national units of competency available for this growing area of pharmaceutical processing and manufacture.

A new national project will identify the unique skills standards of this sector and update units of competency, to give industry the tools it needs to support training delivery.

The skills standards of those working in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical bioprocessing products are unique to traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing. Workers in this field require unique skills to manufacture and distribute products, as working with bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells means there are many variables to consider. Compliance with quality control measures is of the utmost importance to ensure products remain stable and effective to use. At the same time, analytical skills are needed to work with cutting edge equipment and interpret data.

Consultation with industry is underway to make sure the units of competency embed the right skills and knowledge.

Do you work in Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing?

You have the opportunity to play a key role in defining the skills standards for job roles in this sector, supporting future learners and industry as a whole.

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Please feel welcome to contact the project manager Cathy Beven on 03 9321 3526.

The project is being managed by Skills Impact and overseen by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Reference Committee.

Posted – 21/10/2019


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