Future Skills in Pharmaceutical GMP Supported by Updated Units of Competency

Posted: 9 May 2022

Skills in pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice (GMP) are essential to the Australian pharmaceutical industry, which support the production and distribution of safe and effective pharmaceuticals for the public.

The skills for working in Pharmaceutical GMP are described in national units of competency, which are included in the Certificates II, III, and IV in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. However, industry feedback in 2021 indicated that the GMP units did not accurately reflect the appropriate skill level and could be updated to improve deliverability.

This led to a national project, driven by industry and managed by Skills Impact in its role as secretariat for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Reference Committee (IRC). Thanks to the contributions of all involved, four units have been streamlined to better reflect the actual job functions undertaken by graduates and remove barriers to their deliverability.

With the advent of COVID-19, Australian Federal and State Governments have increased investment and support of domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing on an unprecedented scale. These updated units will allow current and future learners to gain the skills they require as the industry builds towards greater sovereign capability in producing vaccines and life-saving treatments.

Michael Hartman, Skills Impact Chief Executive, said, ‘Industry will now have access to units of competency that better reflect the actual job tasks undertaken and with fewer barriers associated with delivery. Updated GMP units will allow current and future learners to gain the skills required to produce safe and effective pharmaceuticals for the Australian public’.

The updated units are now published on the national training register (training.gov.au).

Skills Impact is a  Skills Service Organisation, we work with 12 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to review and update the national training packages that contain units of competency, skill sets and qualifications for the agribusiness, food and fibre industry sectors.


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