Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Forecasting

Posted: 10 October 2023

Event: 2 October – 17 November 2023


Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify the most appropriate forecasting methodology for your product
  • Rationalise the pros and cons of different forecasting approaches
  • Develop a forecast using best practice principles
  • Ensure forecasts are clear and transparent for all users
  • Critically assess existing forecasts

About the Course

All key topics will be covered to ensure a strong and comprehensive understanding of forecasting:

  • Founding principles of good pharmaceutical forecasting
  • Key steps to creating a forecast; define, trend, event, convert
  • Sales vs Epi vs Opportunity vs Patient Flow methodologies, and how to choose the correct approach
  • How to include seasonality, structural breaks, recently launched products and much more, in your trend
  • Probability, scenario, and econometric based approaches
  • Conversion to volume and revenue

The training is brought to life using engaging visuals, reallife examples, and do-it-yourself case studies:

  • 17 videos and accompanying text walk you through the 4 key fundamentals of forecasting
  • 6 real-life examples bring the theory to life
  • 5 quizzes test your understanding as you move through the training
  • 2 case studies to put into practice what you have learnt– one in which you can design and build your own forecast model

Who Will Benefit

This fundamentals course is for anyone who plays a role in the forecasting process, no matter of their ability: brand teams, business intelligence, analysts, forecasters and those completely new to forecasting.

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