First product order from PMI and first patient treated in Germany

22 January 2020

PolyNovo has received its first orders of BTM from PMI for use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The
first orders for NovoSorb BTM were shipped to hospitals in preparation for the first surgery.

PolyNovo is pleased to announce the first surgery in Europe using BTM occurred on Sunday in Germany.
There are a number of surgeons planning on using BTM this week and the coming fortnight.

At the launch of BTM at the 38th Jahrestagung der Deutschsprachigen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für
Verbrennungsbehandlung (DAV) Burns Conference in Austria last week, numerous surgeons made clear
their intention to use the product in the near future. That is now happening.

PMI and PolyNovo hosted 70 Surgeons for dinner at DAV where Paul Brennan spoke about the NovoSorb
technology and our partnership with PMI. Dr Marcus Wagstaff presented a clinical overview of the Royal
Adelaide Hospital’s experience and outcomes with NovoSorb BTM.

A separate symposium was also held, where Dr Sigrid Blome-Eberwein from Lehigh Valley USA and Dr
Wagstaff presented their personal perspectives on the use of BTM.

A further three NovoSorb BTM presentations were made in the academic sessions of the conference:

Dr Blome-Eberwein, reported Lehigh Valley’s three-year experience with NovoSorb BTM for the treatment
of burns. Dr Wagstaff presented on the use of NovoSorb BTM in a series of necrotising fasciitis and
complex wounds, and reported on the lessons learned from the first 20 acute burns patients treated with
NovoSorb BTM at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

PMI, Dr Wagstaff and Paul Brennan also held one-on-one clinical practice discussions with several major
hospital groups from across the DACH region.

PolyNovo’s CEO, Mr Paul Brennan said, “PMI facilitated an impressive launch and demonstrated their
excellent and established relationships with surgeons and hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The enthusiasm and engagement of surgeons for NovoSorb BTM is very exciting and likely to bring further
product sales in the near term.”

PolyNovo’s Chairman, David Williams said, “We are off and running in Europe. When we announced our
EU approval in mid-December we said we expected near term sales. We have achieved that now and
better still we have the first patients being treated.”

This announcement has been authorised by Company Secretary Mr. Jan-Marcel Gielen.

Further information:

Paul Brennan
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile +61 427 662 317

David Williams
Mobile +61 414 383 593

About PolyMedics®

Headquartered in Germany, PMI has become a market leader for biosynthetic epidermal skin substitutes.
PMI is committed to offering the most innovative solutions to its burn and wound care customers. PolyMedics
is the manufacturer and marketer of Suptrathel wound dressing. Suptrathel is an absorbable, microporous
membrane and alloplastic skin substitute for the treatment of wounds, split-skin donor sites and burns.

About NovoSorb®

NovoSorb is a novel range of bio-resorbable polymers that can be produced in many formats including, film,
fibre, foam, and coatings. NovoSorb’s unique properties provide excellent biocompatibility, control over
physical properties, and programmable bio-resorption profile. NovoSorb BTM is a dermal scaffold for the
regeneration of the dermis when lost through extensive surgery or burn.

About PolyNovo®

PolyNovo is an Australian based medical device company that designs, develops and manufactures dermal
regeneration solutions (NovoSorb BTM) using its patented NovoSorb biodegradable polymer technology. Our
development program covers Breast Sling, Hernia, and Orthopaedic applications. For further information and
market presentations see

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