CSL Florey Medal recognises cell death research pioneers

27 November 2019

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists Professor David Vaux AO and Professor Andreas Strasser have been jointly awarded the 2019 CSL Florey Medal for establishing a new field of research – the molecular biology of programmed cell death.

Two researchers standing outside lab

Cell death research pioneers Professor Andreas Strasser (left) and Professor David Vaux (right) have been jointly awarded the 2019 CSL Florey Medal.

Since the 1980s Professor Vaux and Professor Strasser have led research revealing that errors in the molecules controlling cell death could lead to diseases including cancer and autoimmune conditions. Their discoveries contributed to the development of new classes of medicines that target the cell death machinery, including venetoclax that is used treat certain forms of leukaemia.

The CSL Florey Medal, conferred by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, was presented tonight by Australian Minister for Health Greg Hunt MP at Parliament House, Canberra.

At a glance

  • The Australian Institute of Policy and Science has awarded the CSL Florey Medal to Professor David Vaux and Professor Andreas Strasser for their pioneering research into the molecular mechanisms the body uses to remove unwanted cells.
  • The award recognises landmark research by Professor Vaux and Professor Strasser that has shown how failure of this process leads to disease, and led to development of powerful new medicines to treat them.


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