Clarivate launches resource center with insights to support Coronavirus research

26 March 2020

Access the world’s leading research and late-breaking news on this rapidly evolving health emergency.

A global health emergency can occur without warning, as we are now seeing with the coronavirus pandemic. Scientists are attempting to develop vaccines and treatments as quickly as possible to meet the increasing needs of those affected.

To support medical researchers and healthcare professionals in their efforts to better understand and combat the disease associated with the novel COVID-19 coronavirus, Clarivate have assembled an array of resources on their COVID-19 resource page. This global resource site is designed to help medical researchers, healthcare professionals & practitioners access the world’s leading research and late-breaking news around the coronaviruses.

“In these most unusual of circumstances, Clarivate is renewing its commitment to becoming a better partner locally and internationally. We look to marshal all our talents and resources at the service of the greater cause we all work for, to benefit the health and wellbeing of patients everywhere. Please do not hesitate to call on any one of us for any reason.”


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