Cartherics and panCELLa announce collaborative agreement to develop pluripotent cell lines for cell therapy

13 February 2019 

Cartherics and panCELLa are pleased to announce their collaboration to research, develop and commercialise products for the treatment of cancer and other debilitating diseases using cell therapy. panCELLa will integrate their exclusive FailSafeTM technology into Cartherics’ proprietary homozygous HLA haplotype cells to bring the power of safe cell therapy to a greater number of patients.

“This technology is an important step to ensure the safety of the next generation of very effective gene-edited stem cell-derived immunotherapies,” said Prof. Alan Trounson, CEO Cartherics.

Leveraging the science recently published in Linking a cell division and a suicide gene to define and improve cell therapy safety (Nature, 21 Nov 2018), panCELLa will maximise the safety level of Cartherics unique therapeutic cancer-killing cells (CAR-T Cells) by building in a molecular kill-switch among the genes of the cells, enabling the efficient elimination of dangerously dividing or rogue cells.

“We anticipate that this partnership will provide for the highest level of cell therapy safety,” stated Dr Andras Nagy, President and CSO of panCELLa. “We are pleased to partner with Cartherics to address the needs of immunotherapy treated cancer patients and to generate a FailSafe cell source for cell therapies in regenerative medicine. It is our mission to provide off-the-shelf universally safe cell therapies for all humankind.”



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