Cancer Therapeutics CRC/Canthera Discovery win CRA Award for Research Commercialisation

Posted: 28 April 2022

Canthera Discovery is delighted to announce that its predecessor, Cancer Therapeutics CRC, received the Cooperative Research Australia (CRA) Excellence in Innovation Award for Research Commercialisation at an award ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday night.

Cancer Therapeutics CRC, ran for 13 years (2007-2020) and was recognised for landing deals in ground-breaking cancer therapies with pharma giants for a headline value of close to A$1.4bn. It has seven licensed programs in active development, including two currently in clinical trials.

“The CRC Program funded Cancer Therapeutics CRC with $71m over 13 years. In potentially returning some ten times that investment and counting in licensing deals, Cancer Therapeutics CRC and Canthera Discovery have been a shining example of the strength of the CRC Program in bridging the gap between domestic world class research and innovation, and global commercialisation,” CRA CEO Jane O’Dwyer said.

“Cooperative Research Australia is delighted to present Canthera Discovery and Cancer Therapeutics CRC with the Award for Research Commercialisation,” she said.

Upon receiving the award, Brendon Monahan, Canthera Discovery Chief Scientific Officer commented, “Drug discovery requires a multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration is at the centre of everything we do. We would like to thank and acknowledge:

  • our research partners –  WEHI, CSIRO, Monash University, Griffith University, Children’s Cancer Institute, and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.
  • our CRC commercialisation partners: SYNthesis Research and Oncology One.
  • all of our CRC participants.”

“It is no secret that what has driven the success of Cancer Therapeutics CRC and now Canthera, is its people.”

“The KAT6 project alone, which entered clinical trials in 2020, involved over 100 people, across 16 organisations, 10 research laboratories, and 11 different general fields combining science, business, and data management. We thank everyone, past and present, who have contributed expertise, creativity, and passion to our organisation and projects,” he says.

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