Biotech Daily More Excellent News Flash: Biotech Bounces Back In April

1 May 2020

The BDI-40 (which does not include the three Big Caps of Cochlear, CSL and Resmed) recovered most of its Covid-19 Pandemic global downturn losses in April, up 26.7% to $13,953 million – above its August 1, 2019 level.

The benchmark ASX-200 was up 8.8% in April – apart from last month, bdits lowest level since Nov 30, 2016.

The collective market capitalization of the the three Big Caps was up 3.5 percent in April to $188,657, almost reaching its January 30, 2020 level and its third highest on record.

Full details tonight.

BDI-40 v ASX200 Year to April 30, 2020









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