BioCurate launches first round of project investments

BioCurate Pty Ltd has achieved an important milestone announcing investments in six early drug discovery projects from research groups at The University of Melbourne and Monash University. These projects represent the first tranche of investments for BioCurate:

  • Dr Glen Carter and Prof Jonathan Baell – A novel class of antibiotics
  • Dr Natalie Borg and Prof David Jans – A new target for both viral infection and cancer
  • Profs Charles Mackay, Dr Remy Roberts and Prof Mark Sleeman – A novel therapeutic for cancer
  • Prof Rob Widdop, Prof Mibel Aguilar and Dr Mark Del Borgo – Anti-fibrotic therapy
  • Prof Ray Norton – A new treatment for autoimmune diseases
  • Dr Sheena McGowan and Prof Peter Scammells – Novel therapeutics for infection and cancer

All of the projects have compelling clinical and commercial reasons to support their early investment and development. Each addresses an important unmet clinical need, adopts a novel approach and targets potential global markets.

Working closely and collaboratively with each of the project’s investigators and university colleagues, BioCurate is providing ‘on the ground’ expertise and mentoring in drug development and commercialisation, funding and project management. This, coupled with BioCurate’s extensive international industry experience in drug development and biopharmaceutical and investment networks, will boost the opportunity for these, and future, projects to undergo successful translation.

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