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Posted: 14 May 2024
Closes: 22 April 2024
Event: 14 June 2024

ARCS Australia Ltd, the peak organisation dedicated to the advancement of professionals in the MedTech, Biotech and Pharmaceutical sector, is thrilled to announce the inaugural BioBeacon event, set to take place on 14 June, in the vibrant heart of Australia’s life sciences community. This one-day event aims to shine a spotlight on twelve of the most innovative startups across the sector from areas including Theranostics, radiopharmaceuticals, medical devices, advanced therapies, including RNA, cell, and gene therapy, and biotechnology. 

Shining a Light on Innovation

BioBeacon is not just an event; it’s a mission to illuminate the groundbreaking work of startups that are set to transform the healthcare landscape. In partnership with industry leaders and investors, ARCS Australia is providing a platform for these pioneers to be recognised on a national stage, connecting them with the vital networks and resources needed to navigate the complexities of therapeutic product innovation.

A Call to Australia’s Brightest Innovators

The event calls on entrepreneurs and SME founders in MedTech, Biotech, and pharmaceuticals who are ready to showcase their revolutionary technologies and solutions. “BioBeacon represents an unprecedented opportunity for startups to gain visibility, attract investment, and forge meaningful partnerships,” says Dr Tim Boyle, CEO of ARCS Australia. “We’re looking for trailblazers who are not just inventing the future of medicine but are ready to lead it.”

Why Attend BioBeacon?

Attendees can expect a dynamic blend of presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, designed to foster collaboration and innovation. Highlights of the BioBeacon include:

  • Exposure to a vibrant community of investors and industry moguls.
  • A platform for unparalleled media attention.
  • Opportunities for strategic partnerships and access to essential resources.
  • Engagement with ARCS’s community of lifesciences commercialisation experts.

Event Details: 

  • Date: 14 June 2024
  • Location: ICC Sydney, Sydney, NSW
  • Application Deadline for nomination from Startups: 22 April 2024

Join us at BioBeacon to be part of the next wave of life sciences innovation. Together, we can build a healthier, brighter future.

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