Azure Health Technology Limited commences first manufacturing run in the US for nutraceutical products

24 August 2020

Azure Health Technology Limited (AZT) today announced that it has commenced manufacturing the first batch of nutraceutical products for sale in the US, Australia and China.

AZT’s wholly owned subsidiaries, Invictus BioPharma Ltd (based in Melbourne, Australia) and Invictus Nutraceuticals, Inc. (IVN)(based in Florida, USA) have been working closely with a leading cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved manufacturer in the US since 2018 to develop optimum formulations for AZT’s proprietary and patented nutraceutical products, NE1- Elite® and NE1-Heart®. Both products are based on annatto-derived delta tocotrienols delivered using AZT’s MELT3® (Melt then Swallow) platform. NE1-Elite® has been clinically proven to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), improve muscle recovery after exercise and improve maintenance of peak muscle power. NE1-Heart® acts as a strong antioxidant in the body and maintains heart health.

A pilot-scale manufacturing run of samples of both products was completed in October 2018. The formulations and methodologies developed in conjunction with the cGMP manufacturer in the US were assessed to be suitable for commercial-scale cGMP manufacturing. Since that time, IVN has engaged with prospective distributors, strategic partners and consumers to thoroughly assess the market in the US, Australia and China. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive and very encouraging.

IVN’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Estalella said “The feedback that we have received from people who have tried NE1-Elite® has been unanimously positive and surprising in a very good way. We have had reports from a range of sportspeople including marathon runners, (grid-iron) football players and long-distance bike riders and they all say that NE1-Elite® has completely transformed the way that they enjoy their sports and has allowed them to play harder for longer and recover quicker. These real life results are totally consistent with the clinical data that we have gathered to date”.

IVN is now manufacturing the first batch of finished products which is expected to be ready for sale around December 2020. In this first manufacturing run, AZT will manufacture over 300,000 servings of the two products and future orders are being slotted into the pipeline. IVN is engaging with a number of distribution channels, including an in-house online distribution platform within AZT which will allow the products to be distributed directly to consumers in the US, Australia and China.

Read the full media release.


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