ARCS Workforce and Capacity Summit Pre-Event Survey

Posted 21 October 2021

About the Survey 

BioMelbourne Network is participating in the ARCS Workforce and Capacity Summit 2021. In preparation for the summit, we would like to gather info from our membership via this survey. By collecting this data, we position ourselves to accurately represent the Victorian ecosystem at this upcoming summit.

This is a short survey. Please take a few minutes to fill this out or to get to the appropriate person in your organisation to do so.

Feel free to pass this on to appropriate members of other organisations that fit into one on the 5 workforce streams (below).

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About the Summit – 22-25 November

The shortage of a skilled workforce has become critical across the MTP sector, exacerbated by the restrictions on international travel due to the pandemic. The lack of professional standards has contributed to a lack of consistency in the recruitment and development of talent.

However, the pandemic has only exposed a problem which has been there for some time. The MTP Connect Workforce Skill Report has confirmed the skills shortage across the sector. This shortage is creating risks for our sector as staff are completing activities and functions, they don’t have the experience, nor the competency to undertake. The skills shortage has also fostered a “buy” rather than “build” approach in some parts of the ecosystem ultimately introducing inefficiencies and adding costs to doing business in Australia.

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Workforce streams

The summit is organised into the following workforce streams:

  • Medical affairs workforce stream (stream A)
  • mRNA vaccine manufacturing workforce stream (stream B)
  • Regulatory affairs workforce stream (stream C)
  • Clinical trials workforce stream (stream D)
  • Pharmacovigilance workforce stream (stream E)

Members of the working group

  • Matt Britland, Medical Director, Amgen
  • Daniela Caiazza, Director Clinical Operations ANZ, Novotech
  • Jennifer Herz, Founder and Managing Director, Biointelect
  • Stephen Firmer, Director, Asia Pacific Consultants
  • Liz Joshi, Director Scientific Affairs, Sandoz ANZ
  • Steve Kennedy, Vice President Global Regulatory Affairs, Cochlear
  • Ben Laverty, Senior Director, IQVIA
  • Navinisha Lee, Manager, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV), Specialised Therapeutics
  • Kimberley Lilischkis, Director Clinical Operations, BeiGene
  • David Spaulding, Partner and Training Manager, SeerPharma
  • Jacqui Waterkeyn, Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs & Operational Development, Orygen
  • Karen Whitelock, Pharmacovigilance Head, AbbVie


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