AMP Foundation Award bringing relief for Parkinson’s disease

29 November 2019

Dr Thushara Perera is a Research Fellow at the Bionics Institute, and we are proud to announce that he has been awarded a grant from AMP’s Tomorrow Fund. This is a highly prestigious award granted to only the very best of Australia’s young scientists, social innovators and educators. In 2019, only 37 individuals received grants from a pool of 1,633 applicants.

Dr Perera’s award is in recognition of his work developing a novel rigidity device (known as the BiRD) designed to monitor the four main symptoms that define Parkinson’s disease: hand tremor, slowness, muscle rigidity (stiffness), and poor balance.

Currently, the accuracy of diagnosing Parkinson’s disease is limited by differences in referral habits by general practitioners, restricted availability of specialist neurologists, and inadequate access to health services in remote regions.

The device developed by Dr Perera is worn on the patient’s hand and each assessment takes less than two minutes to complete. An early-stage clinical study has been completed in eight people with Parkinson’s disease, the results of which showed that the device could distinguish between people with and without disease as well as track effects of therapy.

Although initial results show promise, a larger clinical trial across a greater number of patients is required to determine the utility of the device. The AMP Tomorrow Fund grant will support the establishment of this clinical study, with the aim of increasing diagnostic accuracy and reducing the uncertainty and apprehension felt by patients. It will also enable appropriate treatments to be given earlier in the disease, before symptoms become unmanageable.

The Bionics Institute is proud of Dr Perera, and grateful to the AMP Foundation for creating the Tomorrow Fund and supporting the development of innovative technology that will ultimately benefit Australia.

“It can take up to two years to diagnose Parkinson’s disease in the clinic. With this technology, I hope to do it in a matter of minutes.” Dr Thushara Perera

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