Adoption and Diffusion of Disruptive Technologies:The Case of 3D Printing in the Medical Device Industry

28 January 2020

Australia has hosted several innovations in the 3D printed medical device industry, however widespread adoption and diffusion is quite low. This two-year project, funded by RMIT University provides analysis of the industry, its stakeholders (i.e. surgeons, patients, small and large manufacturers, insurers, researchers, and regulatory bodies), the barriers it faces and proposes potential solutions.
This project resulted in two white papers. The first white paper provides stakeholder mapping, identifies four opportunity areas in the industry, them being material science, technology, business models and regulations & quality, and provides industry road mapping, forecasting the future of the industry. The second white paper targets the opportunity area of business models, providing detailed descriptions of the barriers, analysing the root-causes of barriers and proposing solutions.

Click on the link for White paper I
Opportunity Areas, Stakeholder mapping and Road Mapping: White Paper I_MedTech 3DP Report 2018

Click on the link for White Paper II
Business Models, Barriers, and Solutions: White Paper II_MedTech 3DP Report 2019


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