Adherium will provide its Hailie Smartinhaler for an AstraZeneca clinical trial

Posted: 27 May 2024

Adherium Limited (“Adherium” or “the Company”; ASX:ADR), a leader in respiratory eHealth, remote monitoring and data management solutions, today announced that AstraZeneca has selected its Hailie® Smartinhaler® platform for a clinical trial. This contract is valued at $1.1M over the course of three years.

AstraZeneca’s inhaled medication use will be recorded and transferred via Hailie Smartinhaler devices.

Adherium CEO, Dr. Paul Mastoridis, said: “This agreement underscores Adherium’s strategic commitment to enhancing patient care through advanced technology. Our Hailie® platform is designed to ensure precise monitoring and support for patients with respiratory diseases, facilitating the pursuit of tailored therapy.

Adherium will be providing Hailie® Smartinhalers®, Hailie® app and Platform for the trial, allowing for accurate tracking of inhaler medication use through the selected eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) devices.

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