Accelerating Commercialisation – Entrepreneurs’ Programme August Funding Offers

The Turnbull Government today announced that twenty businesses across Australia will be offered $11.3 million in Entrepreneurs’ Programme grants to help them break into new and international markets.A 3-D printed jaw joint replacement, termite-proof building materials and a safer way to store grain outdoors are amongst the diverse products and services that will be fast-tracked. The grants range from $213,000 to $1 million and are matched dollar-for-dollar by recipients.

So far, the Government has invested $78.1 million since commencement of this initiative – helping 146 Australian businesses to get their products off the ground.

The grants help businesses to undertake development and commercialisation activities like product trials, licensing, and manufacturing scale-up—essential and often challenging steps in taking new products to market. Projects supported by today’s grant offers will address problems and meet needs in key industries including food and agribusiness, mining, advanced manufacturing and medical technologies.

Congratulations to Melbourne-based OMX Technologies for receiving a grant to assist them with the expansion of their product – 3D printed medical device for jaw replacements.

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