AAMRI’s new animation shows the speed and breadth of COVID-19 research happening across Australia

29 June 2020

When Australia first heard about COVID-19, very few of us understood how completely it would change our day to day lives – including at our medical research institutes.

Today the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) has released an animation to show the pace and impact of change that happened across the country at our medical research institutes.

The animation emphasises that as things were changing, researchers from a variety of fields – virology, immunology, microbiology, mental health, to name a few – started looking at their work and thinking ‘how can I help’?

Previous work documented by AAMRI has revealed more than 100 COVID-19 projects across medical research institutes in Australia. This is a result of the agility of the researchers and institutes to respond to crisis and adapt their current work, as well as innovate new solutions as needed.

As we start to tackle new outbreaks of COVID-19, our talented scientists will continue working hard behind the scenes to find the new diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines we need to overcome this great health challenge.

Read the full media release and watch the animation on Twitter.


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