AAMRI OIS Report 2020 – Highlights from 12 Victorian Independent Medical Research Institutes

17 August 2020

Release date: 14 August 2020

The AAMRI Operational Infrastructure Support (OIS) Program is essential to the 12 Victorian  independent medical research institutes it supports.

In 2018–2019 the Victorian Government provided $34.5M to these institutes to cover a critical funding gap. The OIS Program is unique in that it funds services and infrastructure that support research activities. For example, institute facilities, IT services, research commercialisation and translation costs including protecting IP.

COVID-19 and the Victorian response

Victorian independent medical research institutes are a vital part of this state’s health care system, economy and reputation. The sector is a pillar in Victoria’s international standing as one of the world’s great health and medical research centres of excellence.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn this into especially sharp focus. Victorian medical research institutes, partnered with universities, hospitals, industry and the international global health community are collaborating to improve testing, tracing and quarantine, as well as develop new diagnostics, treatments and, most importantly, a vaccine.

The OIS Program has been a key, perhaps the key, to building Victorian medical research institutes’ strong workforce and support infrastructure. Through this support Victoria was ready to rapidly respond to COVID-19.

The OIS program is fundamental to Victoria’s continued success, and to its worldclass capacity to address ongoing and emerging health challenges and crises that affect our community and world.

The OIS Report

This report details the amazing work Victorian Independent Medical Research Institutes are undertaking to work together, to find new treatments, better diagnosis for disease and improve health outcomes for everyone, including:

  • 598 active clinical trials involving Victorian Medical Research Institutes
  • 5 new start-up companies
  • $223M in competitive grant income
  • 876 partnership agreements
  • More than 170 outreach events
  • More than 4800 highly skilled staff & students

Read the full report here.

Read the original media release via AAMRI. 


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