4DMedical signs commercial contract with pharmaceutical company 

Posted 9 August 2021

Respiratory imaging disruptor and BioMelbourne Network member 4DMedical today announced the signing of a commercial contract with Novartis.

Under the terms of the agreement, XV Ventilation Reports will be provided to Novartis on a commercial basis.  These highly visual, multi-dimensional reports will be used to provide performance comparisons to existing imaging modalities used for this purpose through a program of medical imaging to be conducted at the University of Miami.

This agreement aims to further validate the capabilities of the company’s XV Technology with particular application to early-stage research in the pharmaceutical industry.

“The pharmaceutical industry seeks to discover, develop and deliver breakthrough treatments to patients as rapidly as possible,” said 4DMedical’s Vice President of Medical and Clinical Affairs, Dr Jason Kirkness, who is coordinating key aspects of the trial with the University of Miami.  “Application of our XV Technology enables this at a time when speed from laboratory to patient has never been more valued.”

“4DMedical’s XV LVAS imaging capability is the ideal complementary technology for the global pharmaceutical industry,” said Dr Andreas Fouras, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of 4DMedical.  “We are working to optimise protocols that enable our technology to support faster and more cost-efficient drug design and development.”

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About 4DMedical

4DMedical is a medical technology company transforming respiratory diagnostics for all lung disorders including coronavirus, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis and cancer. 

Through its technology, 4DMedical is providing clinicians with greater insights into lung function and the impact of diseases and treatment interventions. Patients are informed and empowered through such knowledge. Industry partners utilise our technology to understand the efficacy of therapeutic interventions. 

The unique 4DMedical XV Technology accurately and quickly scans lung function as the patient breathes, assisting in providing sensitive, early diagnosis, and in monitoring changes over time. 

The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-enabled scans delivering comprehensive information and insights, showing even subtle variations in lung function down to the finest details, using lower and safer levels of radiation than traditional methods. 

Better information means better decisions, and better outcomes. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles, USA, 4DMedical was founded in 2012 and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: 4DX). 


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