Women in Leadership Awards FAQs

If you have a query about the Women in Leadership Awards that isn’t covered in our frequently asked questions, please contact the BioMelbourne Network team on (03) 9667 8181 or email info@biomelbourne.org.

Who is eligible to be nominated for a Women in Leadership Award?
Nominees must work in or support the Healthtech sector and meet the appropriate criteria for each category. Going forward nominees do not have to be BioMelbourne Network Members. We use an inclusive definition of ‘women’, including trans women, genderqueer and non-binary people.

Who is eligible to make a nomination for a Women in Leadership Award?
Nominators may be of any gender. Going forward, nominators do not have to be BioMelbourne Network Members.

Do nominees have to be Melbourne based?
Nominees must be a current employee of an organisation within the Healthtech sector. Please note, the Awards Ceremony will be held in Melbourne in April 2022.  

Can I complete the application form myself?
Yes, you can complete the application form yourself. 

What if there are multiple nominators for a single nominee?
We understand that multiple nominators may nominate the same person. We ask colleagues to work together in preparing their nominations where possible. Please note, there is no advantage for nominees in receiving multiple nominations for the same award.   

Does the nominator have to be from the same organisation as the nominee?
No – in fact, cross-organisational nominations are encouraged. 

Is there an entry fee?

Can I enter more than one category?
No. The Awards are designed to recognise women at different stages of their careers in different types of leadership roles. If you are not sure which category to nominate for, please ask us at info@biomelbourne.org 

How do I write a winning application?
Tell an engaging story, clearly illustrated with compelling examples of how the nominee is an outstanding leader worthy of celebration and recognition. Be bold and keep your writing non-technical so the impact of the nominee’s leadership achievements can be easily understood. 

Will I, or the nominee, have to attend an interview?
No. All judging is done by the panel reviewing the written application. 

Who is on the judging panel?
The judging panel consists of members of the BioMelbourne Network community and previous BioMelbourne Network Women in Leadership Awardees.

How will I, or my nominee, know if I/they have won an award?
All nominations will be acknowledged via email. Winners will be notified no later than one month following the nomination closing date. This information is strictly embargoed until awardees announcements are made at the Awards Ceremony in April 2022. Further details of this Ceremony will be provided in due course and in line with local COVID-19 restrictions.  

What do I, or my nominee, get if I/they win?
The Awards will be presented at the Awards Ceremony in April 2022, where the awardees will receive an elegant trophy. Awardees will also be acknowledged at the Connecting Women Lunch on Friday 13 May 2022 and will be profiled on the BioMelbourne Network website and through other promotional activities associated with the Awards. To boost the profile of women in leadership roles in our sector, awardees will also be offered speaking opportunities at BioMelbourne Network events.  

What do I, or my nominee, have to do if I/they win?
The Awards will be presented at an Awards Ceremony in April 2022 where awardees will be invited to make a very brief statement when accepting the award. Awardees will also be asked to provide a biography, photograph and quote in the lead up to the announcement. We also may request other materials to use in promotion of the Awards. 
Awardees may also need to be available for media interviews (should they arise) in conjunction with the Awards and are encouraged to describe themselves as the winner of the “2022 BioMelbourne Network Women in Leadership Award” in their selected category in print and electronic publications. 

How do I submit a nomination form?
We prefer entries to be submitted online via the appropriate form. You can also use this form to attach the nominee’s 2-page CV. If required, we can provide a form in Word format via request, which you should return with supporting documentation toinfo@biomelbourne.org 

Who can I contact for more information?
You can call the BioMelbourne Network team on (03) 9667 8181 or email info@biomelbourne.org with any additional questions.  

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