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Member Contact: David Cookson

Position: Commercial Technical Consultant

Industry: R&D Services

Company Profile:

"Since officially opening our doors in July 2007, the synchrotron has hosted thousands of visitors, scientific and otherwise. These have included over 1000 individual users from research groups using the synchrotron’s state-of-the-art beamlines to further their research objectives, and hundreds more potential users we hope to see using the facility soon.

Our other visitors include tertiary and secondary students, lecturers and teachers keen to ensure that a new generation of researchers is fully informed about the potential to use synchrotrons in their future work. We are also hosting an increasing number of international delegations as well as visitors from Australian business and industry groups interested in our unique capabilities.

To most of our visitors, the synchrotron is simply a source of highly intense light ranging from infrared to hard x-rays that can be used for an impressive array of non-destructive, high-resolution, rapid, in-situ, real-time imaging and analysis techniques. The unique properties of synchrotron light mean that experimental results are far superior in accuracy, clarity, specificity and timeliness to those obtained using conventional laboratory equipment"


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