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Arrayware Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Paul Savage

Position: Research Director

Industry: R&D Services

Company Profile:

Arrayware develops hyper-fast, custom-engineered electronic hardware for complex analysis, diagnosis, extreme image processing, time intensive modelling, advanced control, big data handling, wireless and wired data transport. The results are 100’s of times speed-up and significant power and space reductions when compared with conventional hardware.
The Company’s customer base has grown over twenty years to include organisations specializing in life science, mining, chemistry, medical, communications, physics, automotive, agriculture and finance.

Why we are different?
Arrayware applies FPGA technology to accelerate digital computation in a diverse range of applications. Unlike other computation technologies FPGAs can drastically accelerate computation even when the problem cannot be solved using parallel computing methods.
Regardless of the problem type, FPGA technology uses less power and has less latency than fetch and execute machines such as microprocessors, DSPs, and GPUs"


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