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Zicom MedTacc Private Limited


Member Contact: Emril Ali

Position: Vice President (Australia & New Zealand)

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Zicom MedTacc is a Singapore based MedTech Accelerator supported by SPRING Singapore managing an early stage investment fund of $30M. Its subsidiary iPtec is a MedTech translator appointed by SPRING Singapore. Collectively, Zicom is able to provide a range of expertise and services essential to the successful commercialization of a medtech startup.

Fronted by a team of senior executives who are familiar with the local biomedical industry and with experiences in commercialization, investments, and managing businesses that range from emerging startups to high growth SMEs, Zicom MedTacc targets to invest between 4 to 10 early stage MedTech start-ups over the next 4 years. With strong in-house capabilities and networks, Zicom MedTacc will provide leadership and mentorship to assist their investees to develop business capabilities, manage commercial negotiations, define regulatory pathways, and build meaningful business relationships within the industry.

Zicom MedTacc is part of the Zicom Group, a diversified engineering and manufacturing organization. The Zicom Group is ISO13485 certified for the development and manufacture of medical devices.


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