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Member Contact: Penny Field

Position: Principal Consultant

Industry: Industry Support Services

Company Profile:

Specialising in the development and registration of biopharmaceuticals
Bioregulatory Consulting’s purpose is to enable the entry of new medicines into the marketplace to facilitate better health outcomes for patients.

Bioregulatory Consulting (BRC) is based in Melbourne, Australia and has provided a specialised regulatory and development consultancy service to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry since 2002.

With more than 20 years’ experience in development and registration of novel biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood products, generics and biosimilars, we understand the multifaceted nature of drug development and the necessity to consider the broad issues.
Principal Consultant.

Penny Field is the Principal Consultant of Bioregulatory Consulting; a service provider that specialises in the development and registration of biopharmaceuticals.

Penny has consulted on the regulatory strategy and development of monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapeutics, recombinant proteins, gene therapies and biosimilars. Additionally Penny has experience in the registration of New Chemical Entities (NCE) and generics. She has prepared Investigational New Drug (IND), Clinical Trial Exemption (CTX) and Marketing Applications for recombinant proteins, vaccines, NCE, generics and blood products.

Penny Field has undergraduate qualifications in Biology with Honours in Biotechnology from Murdoch University and a Masters in Medical Science in Drug Development from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Penny lecturers in the Postgraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Drug Development (UNSW) and is a Guest Lecturer in the RMIT Undergraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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+61 3 9391 0991


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