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Prima Biomed Ltd


Member Contact: James Flinn

Position: IP Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Prima BioMed is a globally active biotechnology company that is striving to become a leader in the development of immunotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer. Prima BioMed is dedicated to leveraging its technology and expertise to bring innovative treatment options to market for patients and to maximize value to shareholders.

Prima's main pipeline of products is based on the LAG-3 immune control mechanism which plays a vital role in the regulation of the T cell immune response. The most clinically advanced product is a T cell immunostimulatory factor (APC activator), IMP321, for cancer chemoimmunotherapy which has completed early Phase II trials. A number of additional LAG-3 products including antibodies for immune response modulation in autoimmunity and cancer are being developed by large pharmaceutical partners.

In addition, Prima has significantly developed infrastructure for a cell-based therapy manufacturing platform and taken CVac™, an autologous dendritic cell-based product through Phase II clinical trials for ovarian cancer patients in remission.

Prima BioMed is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and on the NASDAQ Global Market in the US


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