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TetraQ Research Infrastructure Centre


Member Contact: Peter Tapley

Position: Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

The TetraQ Research Infrastructure Centre (TetraQ RIC) is an experienced preclinical and clinical contract research organisation located on The University of Queensland campus in Brisbane, Australia.

TetraQ RIC offers bioanalytical, toxicology, pharmacokinetics and rodent pharmacology services conducted in GLP compliant facilities to meet international regulatory standards. Bioanalytical services include method development, validation and sample analysis using both LC-MS/MS and ELISA technologies. Toxicology services include capabilities for single and repeat dose studies in rodents which are completed using Provantis software for study management and data capture. Pharmacokinetics studies can be conducted in rats using automated blood sampling to minimise animal usage and provide highest quality data. Custom rat and mouse pharmacology can also be conducted on request.

All TetraQ RIC studies are backed up by in-depth technical-scientific expertise and over 10 years of experience with the successful conduct of preclinical and clinical drug development projects with numerous industry partners.


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