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Therapeutic ExomeresTM from Stem Cells

Exomeres are biological nanoparticles naturally secreted by stem cells. They are produced using Exopharm’s proprietary LEAP process, which delivers a unique blend of exosomes / vesicles with high-yield.

Exomeres are a cell-free super-drug with the potential to treat a range of conditions as a regenerative medicine.

Exomeres carry a rich molecular cargo of nucleic acids, lipids and proteins and are taken up by cells inside the body.

Harnessing natural mechanisms, Exomeres transfer information, energy and cell building materials between cells that promote tissue repair, healing and regeneration

Advancing knowledge in stem-cell therapy is demonstrating that positive medical outcomes can be achieved even without using the therapeutic cells themselves. Instead, the essential therapeutic components are the cell-secreted extracellular vesicles (EVs), including exosomes.

It has become apparent that these EVs alone are sufficient to deliver beneficial effects in models of disease – by efficient delivery of the information, machinery and energy to drive repair programs in damaged tissues. While delivering the therapeutic benefits, Exomeres offer a range of advantages over the use of cells for therapy. Being cell-free, they are easy to transport and deliver to patients around the world. Exomeres also cause less concern over their safety as they are not living cells: they have much more pharmaceutical properties and will not remain in the body for extended periods.

Exomeres – a completely new class of biological therapeutic.

Exopharm is investing in the pharma-grade manufacturing process and preclinical development of Exomeres to enable first clinical trials.


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