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Bluechiip Limited


Member Contact: Oscar Vall

Position: Sales Manager

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Bluechiip has developed and patented a technology that combines secure wireless sample ID tracking with integrated temperature reading for use in extreme environments such as Biobanks. Bluechiip aims to provide the tools to preserve sample quality and integrity. The technology works reliably in temperatures from -196°C to +200°C and it is not affected by radiation or frost build-up boosting productivity.

Based on MEMS technology, the Bluechiip tag contains no electronics and so, it is impervious to autoclave, gamma irradiation sterilisation, humidification, centrifuging and cryogenic storage unlike RFID. Compared to traditional tracking technologies like labels or barcodes, Bluechiip does not require line-of-sight for the readings. Therefore, it can be read through ice build-up.

The Bluechiip tag can be embedded into storage products such as vials or blood bags and can't be detached like labels. Easy identification, along with any associated information from the tag can be detected by a reader. The tag has a unique hard-coded ID at the point of manufacture guaranteeing non-duplicates. Unlike any other tracking methods, the Bluechiip technology can sense the temperature of each item a tag is attached to.

This technology is particularly important for industries such as the $2b biopreservation and cryopreservation market, which processes more than 300 million samples per year of tissue, stem cells, blood, reagents..., for industries such as pharmaceuticals, IVF, research, diagnostics and clinical trials. It also has applications in cold chain logistics, food, manufacturing, security and defence.


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