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Member Contact: Hugh Alsop

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

"Hatchtech Pty Ltd. is the developer of a proprietary next generation head lice treatment, DeOvo™, which has successfully completed a Phase IIb clinical trial and is poised to enter Phase III. Subject to regulatory approval, market launch is anticipated in 2015.

DeOvo™ is a head lice product that kills both lice and eggs treating all life cycle stages of the organism in a single application.

While other head lice treatments treat the lice, few are highly effective against the eggs hence repeat applications are needed to eliminate an infestation. In addition, while head lice worldwide have developed resistance to many of the available products Hatchtech’s product DeOvo™ has a novel mode of action compared to other current active ingredients meaning that there is no known cross resistance with DeOvo™. DeOvo™ is a cosmetically elegant topical lotion containing an inhibitor of metal dependent targets that are involved in all stages of the louse lifecycle from egg to adult. A substantial body of scientific data has established the mode of action and preclinical and clinical studies have shown DeOvo™ to be both highly effective and safe.

Hatchtech is securely financed by a consortium of specialist venture capitalists and is located in Melbourne, Australia"


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