CSIRO Kick-Start Vouchers – Start-ups & Small Businesses

We’re helping innovative Australian start-ups and small businesses grow and develop their businesses by providing dollar-matched- funding to greater enable access our research expertise and capabilities.

CSIRO Kick-Start is a new initiative that offers eligible businesses access to dollar-matched funding to develop research and development projects, that will help them become Australian success stories.

CSIRO Kick-Start vouchers of between $10,000-50,000 are available, to undertake one of the following activities:

  • Research into a new idea with commercial potential
  • Development of a novel or improved product or process
  • Testing of a novel product or material developed by the company

Our experienced SME Connect team works with small businesses to identify the relevant research capabilities best suited to the company’s needs, and facilitate researcher introductions and project scoping. We also assist with the application process and maintain an end-to-end engagement with companies and researchers to ensure favorable outcomes for all parties.

CSIRO Kick-Start projects are up to 12 months in duration and companies are required to make a cash contribution that matches the funding voucher.

Eligibility – who can access CSIRO Kick-Start?

Australian small businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Have an annual turnover and operating expenditure <$1.5million, in the current and each of the two previous financial years (if applicable)
  • Have an ACN and be registered for GST
  • Are able to demonstrate they can fully support their proportion of the project funding

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