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Shining a light on women in the health industry

The BioMelbourne Network Women in Leadership Awards acknowledge and celebrate leadership and commitment to driving change and impact in the health industry

The Awards recognise that leadership occurs at all levels within an organisation and throughout the wider sector. There are three Awards broadly targeting the evolving stages of an impactful career active in the industry for 2-4 years, 5-10 years and 10-15+ years.  

Nominations for 2023 are closed.

Emerging Leadership Award – Mover & Shaker 

This Award celebrates an inspiring leader who:

  • has taken on a career challenge, career move or career change within the last 2-4 years that has high potential for industry impact 
  • exhibits leadership qualities such as strategic risk-taking, embracing innovation, entrepreneurship and an appetite for driving change 
  • is a rising star, who, regardless of age, is seen as a mover and shaker with high potential for future success in the industry  

Criteria 1 – IMPACT

  • What is the career move, challenge or change that this person has taken on within the last 2-4 years?
  • What is the potential for industry impact?

Criteria 2 – LEADERSHIP

  • What is it about this person that demonstrates their leadership potential?
  • How will their leadership qualities position them for future impact?

Inspiring Leadership Award – Making It Happen  

This Award celebrates an inspiring leader who:

  • has played a pivotal leadership role in delivering a project, partnership, or collaborative initiative within the last 5 to 10 years 
  • through this project or initiative has delivered meaningful outcomes and positive change in the health industry  
  • has demonstrated valuable leadership skills such as collaboration, communication, team building, transformation, innovation, change management, dedication and passion for innovation that has impact

Criteria 1 – IMPACT

  • What was the project or initiative that this leader has played a pivotal role in delivering?
  • What success did it achieve and what difference has it made?

Criteria 2 – LEADERSHIP

  • What is it about this person that makes them a successful leader of this project or initiative?
  • How did they make it happen?

Distinguished Leadership Award – Impact For Industry  

This Award celebrates an inspiring leader who:

  • has held a senior position of leadership (C-level executive, GM, Board Director, Chair)  
  • has significant experience within the health industry sector, 10-15+ years 
  • has shown leadership and vision resulting in meaningful industry impact 
  • demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, such as integrity and initiative, mentoring and giving back, dedication and determination, resilience and risk taking, and passion for innovation that has impact.  

Criteria 1 – IMPACT

  • What is the impact that this leader has had during their time in the industry?
  • What success have they achieved and what difference has it made?

Criteria 2 – LEADERSHIP

  • What is it about this person that makes them an outstanding leader able to have impact for the industry?
  • How do they make a difference?

The 2023 Awards will be presented in April/May 2023, where awardees will receive an elegant trophy, venue to be confirmed. Awardees will be profiled on the BioMelbourne Network website and through other promotional activities associated with the Awards. In addition to boosting the profile of women in leadership roles in our sector, awardees will also be offered speaking opportunities at BioMelbourne Network events.


We welcome nominations from Melbourne, Victoria and interstate. Nominees must be employed in the Australian life sciences sector – including biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and other healthtech innovation areasThis includes executives, management, R&D practitioners, suppliers, service providers and other roles engaged with the sector. We use an inclusive definition of ‘women’, including transgender, gender diverse and non-binary individuals.

Nominees and nominators do not need to be from organisations who are currently financial members of BioMelbourne Network.

Supporting diversity to empower leaders

We strongly support diversity and encourage nominations for individuals of all backgrounds.
We use an inclusive definition of ‘women’, including transgender, gender diverse and non-binary individuals.

Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted using the online forms below. If required, we can provide form in Word format on request. Each nominator may submit a maximum of two nominations per category per year. These must be submitted in separate applications.
Applications must also include a 2-page CV of the nominee and a statement from the nominator/nominee addressing the selection criteria (max 250 words per criteria).

Winners will be shortlisted by the Women in Leadership Awards pre-screening committee and finalised by the judging panel, appointed by BioMelbourne Network. All nominations will be acknowledged via email. Winners will be notified in late March 2023. This information is strictly embargoed until awardee announcements are made at the Awards Ceremony in April/May 2023.

Read more about our previous award recipients on the Women in Leadership Awards Honour Roll.

Women in Leadership Awards homepage.

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