Victorian Consortium for Health & Biomedical Researcher Development Program 1, 2019

Melbourne | 13–14 May (Module 1), 17–18 June (Module 2)

The natural progression if you are successful as a researcher is to become head of your own research lab or group and stop spending time at the bench. You are no longer a scientist; you are a manager of scientists.

Despite years devoted to study in their scientific discipline, researchers may have received little or no training in laboratory management or management of research teams.

The Health & Biomedical Researcher Development Program is suitable for basic science and clinical researchers, laboratory heads or laboratory managers, research group leaders, MCRs and promising ECRs. It has been developed and designed to assist the development of researchers as well as the transition of current PIs and research group leaders into effective leaders of research teams.

For more information:

Laura Eden
National Programs Manager
Marlow Hampshire
M: 0422 449 394

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