Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation – nominations now open!

Date posted 21 May 2020

Closing date: 15 June 2020

The Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation celebrates leadership, determination and creativity. It also highlights the many ways in which research and development of international significance are conducted in Victoria.

The Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation is worth $50,000 per prize and will be awarded to a Victorian Scientist, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Researcher in the Life and Physical Sciences.

These prestigious prizes are for a scientific discovery or technological innovation, or a series of such achievements that significantly advances knowledge. The clear potential to produce a commercial outcome or other substantial benefit to the community will be highly regarded.

2020 has witnessed enormous social and economic impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Now is the time to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding leaders.

The call for nominations for the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation in 2020 are NOW OPEN


Eligibility and nomination process

Candidates for the Victoria Prize must be nominated by an individual, a group of individuals or a professional association. Self-nominations will be excluded.

The field of endeavour may be in:

  • research (pure or applied); or
  • development (for example, implementation of research outcomes in an industrial setting).

Nominees should be active in research.

veski will deliver two Victoria Prizes for Science & Innovation in 2020 on behalf of the Victorian Government comprising:

  • one prize in the Life Sciences
  • one prize in the Physical Sciences

To find out more visit the VESKI website. 


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