The Biointelect Venturer program

Posted: 30 January

Event: Thursday 9 March (Melbourne)

The Biointelect Venturer program is a 1-day course designed for those who are looking to leverage external funding to accelerate the commercialisation of their product or to take their start-up to the next level. The program will provide participants with a real world understanding of the investment environment in Australia and other key markets and is designed to ensure participants will be both partner ready and investor ready. Download the 2023 brochure here.

Who should attend?

The Biointelect Venturer program is designed for those who are looking to leverage external funding to accelerate the commercialisation of their solution or technology, or to take their start-up to the next level. This could include:

  • Start-up founders
  • SME leaders and executives
  • Commercialisation executives
  • Entreprenurial researchers

The program is best suited to those with an existing product or solution who are likely to require additional investment and partnership in order to continue to progress the development of their technology. It is relevant to those who are developing a medicine, medical device, biologic or medical software / digital health technology.

2023 Course Dates:

  • Thursday 16 February (Adelaide)
  • Thursday 9 March (Melbourne)
  • Thursday 23 March (Perth)
  • Thursday 6 April (Sydney)
  • Thursday 20th April (Brisbane)

Course highlights:

Session 1: Types of funding available for biotech and medtech companies:
This session will introduce the different options for funding as well as the different considerations and likely needs/metrics for each type of funding model. It will be delivered by facilitators with a strong background and licensing and acquisition deals, venture capital and grand and public funding. Key topics covered will include:

  • Grants and public funding
  • Private investments and Angel investors
  • Venture Capital
  • Partnerships and licensing deals
  • Debt financing

Session 2: How to value your technology: the investor’s point of view
This session will ensure that participants understand that unmet need alone is not enough and a sound business case is also required to support investment. It will introduce valuation options used by potential investors and the types of questions they will ask. It will include guest lecturers with selected to cater to the specific therapy areas or technology types of the course participants. Key topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the market opportunity
  • Positioning your technology and unmet need
  • Price and the payer
  • Competitive landscape
  • Path to market and cost of development
  • Platform technologies, how to select lead indication
  • Return on investment
  • Exit strategy considerations and implications for the business case

Session 3: Communicating with different audiences
This session is designed to provide participants with the skills and insights required to effectively adapt their communication style to meet the needs of their audience. It will cover key topics such as the development of a suitable funding strategy and pitch, drawing on real life case studies and bringing together key learnings from sessions 1 and 2.

Session 4: How to build your network
This session will aim to bring together key learnings from the previous sessions. It will wrap up the day with some practical examples and information sharing of how course participants can build their network both in Australia and internationally.

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