Successful translation of research to applications in Biotech

Posted: 21 September

Event: 6 October

Hear about successful research translation in Biotech from 2021 ATSE Fellows Professor Sally McArthur FTSE and Dr Andrew Nash FTSE.

Bioengineering is an inherently multidisciplinary field – science and technology knowledge is brought together with insights from clinical practice and where we aim to create both useful and usable solutions. Professor McArthur’s talk will introduce you to two very different projects: one an end-user-led innovation approach and the other a community building exercise to integrate research and development knowledge that supports the development of new medical device companies.

Dr Nash’s talk is about the increasing focus on the need to translate the innovative medical research undertaken within Australia‚Äôs academic sector into outcomes that benefit the health and wellbeing of the community. Australia is known for its internationally competitive, high-quality scientific outputs however, compared with peer countries such as the UK, Canada and the US, the infrastructure and skills to support the translation process in Australia remain relatively underdeveloped.

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