Stephens Lawyers & Consultants – Managing risks associated with Videoconferencing technology

11 May 2020

COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in many workplaces requiring their employees to work remotely from home and use videoconferencing services, resulting in their confidential information/trade secrets being potentially exposed to greater risk of unauthorised access, disclosure or use. Further, the use of videoconferencing services has been adopted by many workplaces without proper security risk assessment of the technology and adequate training of staff in the use of the technology and its security risks.

Stephens Lawyers & Consultants work with clients in risk management including data breaches and cyber security risks, privacy compliance, responding to the media and minimising reputational damage.

You may be interested in the below Stephens Lawyers & Consultants’ legal risk management update dealing with privacy and data security issues involving videoconferencing technology.

Protecting Confidential Information and Personal Data during COVID-19” offers some risk management strategies to minimise the risk of data security breaches, protect confidential information/trade secrets and ensure compliance with privacy laws when using videoconferencing technology. The link is:-



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