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Posted: November 2022

Be a gateway for global markets, helping to build awareness of the Victorian healthtech industry domestically and overseas

BioMelbourne Table summarising Network sector promotion activities

Sector business development and support

Singapore Trade Mission

As a trade alliance partner with Global Victoria, BioMelbourne Network led a trade mission to Singapore, targeting the export services sector across the medtech translation and commercialisation space.

We thank the Victorian Government and Global Victoria for their support of this initiative which was funded and planned in 2021-2022 but delayed during COVID.


  • Three virtual events plus inclusion in the SWITCH conference in October 2022 in Singapore
  • At the SWITCH conference, Jeff Malone led a panel discussion on the strengths of the medtech ecosystem and facilitate networking and partnering sessions
  • We will leverage the WILAM community platform to create an ongoing connection between the two trade ecosystems.

We have extensive information about the 2022 Singapore Trade Mission:

  • overview of the program
  • participating Victorian companies
  • participating Singaporean companies
  • partner organisations
  • free recordings of trade mission bioforums.

Please visit Trade Mission 2022 Singapore and Victoria to access this valuable information.

If you attended BioMelbourne Network’s Singapore Trade Mission, join the Victoria – Singapore Trade Community on Wilam and continue your conversations and reconnect with colleagues and companies that you encountered.

If you haven’t joined Wilam, you will need to sign up for a free account before you can join the Victoria – Singapore Trade Community.

Pfizer/mRNA Victoria Research Connect Symposium

BioMelbourne Network was approached by Pfizer and mRNA Victoria to help connect researchers with Pfizer to identify potential collaboration opportunities. We were asked to advertise the opportunity throughout Australia and coordinate the event.

We leveraged our connections with other state and national industry associations to bring over 185 researchers together at this symposium.

“At Pfizer, we recognise that global collaboration is critical to advancing cutting-edge science that could change patients’ lives, including the use of mRNA,” said Dr Anand Gautam, Pfizer Executive Director and Emerging Science Lead (Asia and Asia-Pacific).

“mRNA technology presents a unique opportunity to develop a new class of potentially breakthrough medicines, and Australian scientists are contributing greatly to mRNA research. Pfizer is committed to supporting their efforts through initiatives like the mRNA Victoria and Pfizer symposium, which was meaningfully enabled by BioMelbourne Network.”

Improve the profile and awareness of BioMelbourne Network

As an organisation, we are obligated to provide you with regular updates to keep up to date with our strategy and initiatives that we are working on.

You can receive the latest news throughout the year by subscribing to In the Loop, our newsletter.

Given the ever-growing scope of work that we are engaged in, we have developed other channels of communication to keep you informed and engaged. We also publish the Insider Report, maintained on our website, which discusses our initiatives in greater detail.

Our digital Annual Report also contains live links which can take you to webpages containing detailed events information and our updated Insider Report.

That way, you can quickly access information and opportunities that interest you and your organisation, when it’s convenient for you. And now with our new Wilam platform, we have another tool in the toolbox to help you stay informed and connected in ways tailored to your needs.

Insider Report

The Insider Report, which is published three times a year, is the go-to source for the healthtech industry and Victorian Government for data and insights on sector potential, priorities and needs.

It provides an overview of our strategic initiatives and new programs under development.

You will find opportunities to:

  • engage
  • support working groups
  • participate in Trade Missions
  • discover initiatives that help strengthen your organisation.

The Insider Report will be maintained on our website for future reference.

In the Loop

In the Loop is our newsletter, which is published every two weeks.

It includes this information:

  • CEO introduction
  • updates on strategic initiatives
  • opportunities to get involved on initiatives, surveys or working groups
  • new member organisations
  • sector and member news
  • job opportunities
  • updates on grant and funding opportunities.
BioMelbourne Network Annual Report

The BioMelbourne Network Annual Report is our premier publication, where we reflect on our achievements for the previous fiscal year.

It includes this information:

  • message from the Chair
  • message from the CEO
  • Board profiles
  • staff profiles
  • interns
  • background on BioMelbourne Network
  • membership statistics
  • strategic priorities
  • event statistics and timelines
  • event and sponsorship details
  • member testimonials.

Promotional and advertising opportunities

Global Victoria Trade Alliance Podcast Series and video production

Global Victoria’s network of 23 trade and investment offices connects Victorian exporters with international buyers and business leaders, and provides high-level market intelligence, insights and guidance. This invaluable support helps our exporters be competitive in global markets.

BioMelbourne Network was engaged to produce a series of podcasts and a promotional sector video to be used during conferences with Global Victoria and the Victorian Government trade and investment network.

These podcasts showcase the expertise and opportunities that exist within the globally competitive Victorian healthtech industry. This digital media allows many organisations to showcase their skills and capabilities around the world – which wasn’t possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have produced podcasts on these themes:

  • regenerative medicine
  • oncology
  • infectious diseases
  • neurosciences
  • cardiovascular health
  • clinical trials
  • genomics.

When the podcast and promotional links are available, we will provide details here and let you know.

Many thanks to Global Victoria and Dr Megan Robertson who generously hosted this podcast series.


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