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Posted: 2 November

Based in Australia and as part of a world leading Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Me& is the world’s first cell-based start-up developing products that meet the intense nutritional and developmental needs of premature and vulnerable babies. 
Children represent 25% of the population, but all of our future. We are developing the technology to capture and produce the unique, complex components of breast milk that help set the foundations for brain, gut and immune system development during the critical stages of a child’s life.

A Problem to be Solved
Human breast milk is much more than nutrition, it’s dynamic, transformative and therapeutic. Yet, not a single infant nutrition product today captures the bioactive complexity of human breast milk.
Breastfed babies have a higher likelihood of becoming healthier children with fewer instances of allergies, asthma, diabetes and even fewer childhood cancers.
Many fortifiers today are made with cow’s milk, which provides none of the bioactive benefits of complex human milk. The strength of our technology is the flexibility to vary the concentrations to enrich milk with key bio-actives that drive positive short and long term health outcomes.  In addition to these nutritional benefits, Me& will contribute to addressing the impact animal milk production has on deforestation, inefficient use of land and water, animal cruelty and greenhouse gas emissions.
Me& is a multidisciplinary team developing a novel approach to delivering all the benefits of human milk in a way that has never been done before.

The Me& Solution 
Nutritional interventions ….   for lifelong health.
The mammary gland of any mammal is very special.  The mammary gland is responsible for producing milk, the product of evolution designed specifically for the growth and developmental needs of the baby mammal. We are harnessing the power of these cells (human mammary cells) to provide the essential building blocks for the millions of babies born early or vulnerable in hospital NICUs all over the world.

Me& Team Values
Not only are we going to improve things for child wellbeing and the planet, we are going to create a unique employment experience for everyone who joins us on the Me& journey.
We will do so by:
Passion – We are audacious and bold, and what we’re building is critically important. We are productive, action orientated and find opportunities everywhere to help us deliver better and faster towards our mission.
Trust – We are transparent, credible and honest. We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics with each other, our customers, investors and most importantly, our tiniest consumers.
Optimism – We are perseverant in the knowledge we will build a business that will contribute significantly to children’s health but continue to be realistic in understanding the complexity of what we are conquering in order to get there.
Think Creatively – We use science and our customers as our foundation and empower one another to challenge the status quo.  It’s the way we work together that creates the super unique outcomes that other teams struggle to replicate.

In order to fulfil this ambition, we want to harness the very best of talent to join us.  We have been busy designing our technical team to support us through our next stage of growth and have created a range of scientific research roles to  ensure we meet our scientific milestones.

The Role
Me& is seeking to appoint a number of Research Scientists reporting to the Scientific Director and co-founder, Dr Luis Malaver. These roles range from junior to senior scientists and being a start-up we have the advantage of building our team from the ground up so are ready to hire the best talent to fit our specific needs and team globally.

As a member of the technical team the Research Scientists are accountable for the support and delivery of the R&D plans, timelines and all elements of its success. This means in month one you will design and plan out activities and experiments that align with the R&D pipeline created by the scientific leadership. Within your first year at Me& you will have a key role in the development of cell-based milk production aligned with Me&’s go to market plan.

Specifically, these roles will be accountable for three key priorities in the next 6 months:

  1. Supporting the design and execution of an upstream, pipeline for mammalian cell-based fermentation of milk.
  2. Contributing with the design and implementation of the company IP strategy in terms of portfolio creation and third-party IP licensing when applicable.
  3. Assisting the scientific leadership team in document preparation and ethics compliance OGTR dealings along with any other matters regarding regulatory bodies relevant for the operation of the R&D activities.

It is essential the Research Scientists are based in Melbourne and within an easy commute of the Hudson Institute in Clayton. The roles are not flexible in location but part time work will be considered for the right candidate. We are laser focused on attracting the best talent globally and so would be keen to hear from any candidates willing to relocate for this position.

The Detailed bits of the Role

We need our Scientists to be incredible in their energy, organisation and ability to engage with stakeholders and members of our team. The roles require some understanding of at least one of the multiple aspects of bioprocessing, with an emphasis in mammalian systems and upstream processes. We are looking for team players who will establish exceptional relationships within the team and with stakeholders to ensure speed and focus are at the optimum level. Self-directed and with initiative a core strength, our scientists will prioritise the execution of the R&D plan and enable the company to reach its R&D milestones.

Governance and Risk

  • Complying with all managing risk assessments for Me& Biotech and OHSE.
  • Ensuring all team members follow policies and procedures in place at Hudson Institute.
  • Ensure the R&D team complies with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • HSW.

 Project Management

  • Execution: take the R&D plans to successful execution witting budgets, schedules, risks and timelines.
  • Collect and structure the available data
  • Communicate progress to the scientific leadership in a regular structured manner.
  • Apply appropriate project management tools and processes whilst engaging the necessary requisite subject matter expertise.

Critical to the success of the role will be the ability to:

  • A can-do attitude.
  • Collaboratively design and implement processes and procedures to efficiently execute R&D plans.
  • Comply with Risk, Legal, Financial and People Management policies and practices in the R&D team as required
  • Maintain relationships and credibility with R&D team, the broader scientific community at The Hudson Institute, and third parties assisting in the running of R&D operations.
  • Ability to understand the detail of the science and contribute as appropriate to advancing progress and ideas.

Candidate Profile

The successful candidates will be research scientists or engineers with different levels of experience in projects and R&D. They will have a technical and scientific mind and will be down to earth, warm and pragmatic in their approach. They will have the collaborative spirit to assist the science leadership team to bring Me&’s science and technology to the world to create significant global changes to the future of children’s health.

The successful candidate will be a purpose driven scientist who is inspired by an opportunity to have impact in the world. They must deeply believe in Me&’s purpose and the important role we will play in improving the health of vulnerable children worldwide.

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree with postgraduate training at PhD/EngD Basic.
  • Industrial R&D experience within bioprocessing, chemical engineering or biochemical engineering, alternatively academic experience is aspect transferable to upstream processes.
  • Experience in aspects of bioprocessing with emphasis in upstream development desirable.
  • Proven experience in Tissue culture, maintenance of cell lines in culture and isolation of primary cell lines
  • Significant experience in Molecular biology techniques e.g., DNA/RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, qPCR, Western blot, immunostaining, FACS, cloning, CRISPR/Cas9 etc.
  • Proven experience in Industrial R&D within bioprocessing including GMP and relevant ISO standards for bioprocess industries, cell line development upstream process development.
  • Desirable Expertise in mammary gland physiology (e.g., mammary gland organoids)
  • Intellectual strength balanced with a warm and creative style
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional organisational skills combined with a fastidious spirit: you think setting processes and procedures up, documenting and implementing them is awesome fun!
  • High energy.
  • Team before self-attitude.
  • Strong organisational skills, time management and plan work to meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrated project administration skills with the ability to support research projects accordance with high standards and fast pace timeframes.
  • Ability to work as an effective member of a team as well as independently under supervision.
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy and an understanding of confidentiality, privacy and information handling principles.
  • Strong communication skills.

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