New Australian technology to treat lung disease

12 February 2020

Australian Associated Press

Diagnosing lung disease will now be faster and more accurate, thanks to new non-invasive technology developed at Monash University.

The technology will enable doctors to check if treatments for respiratory illnesses are working and how the problems originated.

“Since pulmonary function tests are measured at the mouth, these tests are unable to localise where in the lung any change in function originates,” researcher Dr Rhiannon Murrie said.

“Additionally, CT scans cannot image the lung while it is breathing, which means airflow through the airways and into the lung tissue cannot be measured.”

The new non-invasive X-ray technology developed in Victoria provides high-definition and real-time images of airflow through the lungs, fast-tracking treatments for patients.

“This finding is an exciting step in advancing the understanding of lung diseases and treatments that affect millions of people globally,” Dr Murrie said.

She added the new technology would in particular help cystic fibrosis patients.

The technology has been commercialised by Australian-based med-tech company 4Dx Limited, led by chief executive and former Monash University researcher Professor Andreas Fouras.

“I am pleased to see this technology being commercialised to maximise clinical impact,” Prof Fouras said.

This article originally appeared in The Australian. Click here to access.


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