MedTech 2020 Annual Conference: 26-28 October 2020

Date posted 20 August 2020

Event date 26-28 October 2020

The MedTech20 Annual Conference is the premier medical technology industry conference in Australia and brings together leaders and influencers across the industry, government and academia to discuss the key issues affecting MedTech.

This year has seen MedTech and the broader healthcare sector in the spotlight more than ever. We have seen rapid advancements in innovative technology shaping the future of healthcare, industry and government work together to combat issues facing our community and changes to the regulatory landscape. We have all been inspired by stories from MedTech champions leading the way through COVID-19. These activities and more will be included in an extensive 3-day digital program featuring a line-up of eminent international and local presenters.

The MedTech20 conference will be completely virtual. Attendees will be able to ask questions, interact with presenters and more as expected with MTAA conferences, all within the comfortable of their home or office.

The new streaming service will give power to attendees to watch sessions at anytime. Attendees will also be able to jump between sessions too.

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