Leading and managing a professional services team

Melbourne | 16 May (Module 1), 20 June (Module 2)

The transition from being an individual contributor to being a manager of a team of Professional Services/Admin staff in a research environment can be for some a challenging transition. You are no longer just an expert; you are the manager of experts, responsible for their performance, motivation, development and career planning.

You need to think more strategically, to build strong relationships outside your unit with stakeholders and others and understand their expectations of your unit. You need to learn new skills in coaching junior staff, handling conflict, giving feedback, managing time and influencing others.

This program is designed for supervisors and managers of professional services teams in research institutes and universities including:

  • researchers who have pursued administration as a career path  without formal retraining
  • administrative services people managers
  • lab managers
  • animal lab managers
  • clinical trials co-ordinators
  • managers of diagnostic labs and groups

For more information:

Laura Eden
National Programs Manager
Marlow Hampshire
M: 0422 449 394

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