Hemideina Awarded Grant To Fast Track Miniature, Low-Energy, Wireless Power And Data Transmission System For Wireless Cochlear Implant

30 July 2020

Hemideina, a hearing technology company enabling people with sensorineural hearing loss to enjoy a world of sound and to live life without limits, announced today that it was awarded a $660,000 BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) Grant, an initiative of the Medical Research Future Fund, delivered by MTP Connect.

The project will:

  • Fund collaboration with leading Australian and international researchers within the field of wireless power and data transmission.
  • Fast track demonstration of a miniature wireless power and data transfer system for implantable medical devices.
  • Leverage Hemideina’s unique mechanical sound processing technology.
  • Result in hearing implant products that improve clinical outcomes and enhance the user experience for people who are profoundly deaf.

Dr Elizabeth Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Hemideina said: “Our Hera Wireless Implant will significantly disrupt the global hearing implant market by redefining the cochlear implant. This means utilising the latest thinking and leading-edge technologies in power and data transfer to capitalise on the benefits of our unique mechanical sound processing technology. Our custom wireless power and data transfer system will enable Hemideina to deliver a discreet device, made for active lifestyles, delivering improved clinical outcomes.”

Dr Kate Lomas, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, invented the Hemideina technology, having taken inspiration from insect hearing. Her research has focused on the investigation of insect hearing systems leading to the development of new acoustic technology that will transform hearing implants and the quality of life for the profoundly deaf.

Read the full media release.

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